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Juan Adriatico

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Phone: (210) 454-8485
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Juan Adriatico Jr., a collegiate baseball player of Lander University with a BA in business and a Masters in Pastoral Counseling from Erskine Theological Seminary, served 14 years as a US Army and Navy Chaplain with 2 combat tours in Iraq, has come back home to his family roots of real estate, farming and investments. Dedicated to protecting and serving his clients, Juan comes from a long line of farmers, real estate brokers and investors from his grandfather a Filipino WWII Veteran & Citrus farmer of 105 years of age to his grandmother of Polish decent who was also a Flight Nurse in the US Army & a WWII Veteran who was a well-known real estate broker in the 1940’s. Juan’s father also instilled into him the value of land stewardship as he himself owned and operated apartment complexes, cattle ranches and commercial warehouses. Juan is also the owner of Pro Texas Hunts LLC that sells hunting packages and Hunting Franchises which is dedicated to helping land owners turn their ranches into monthly income producing properties with Ranch Set Ups that is dedicated to ranch development and construciton. Juan’s Christian values in treating others how you would want to be treated and living by them is what his clients respect and value with his competency and extreme work ethic within Texas Regions.Ā  He not only is passionate about real estate but is dedicated to building professional and long lasting relationships with his clients.

Very Respectfully,

LT Juan Adriatico
NMETLC (Navy Medicine Education, Training and Logistics Command)
4075 Dickman Rd Suite 308, JBSA Fort Sam Houston, TX 78234
Office: 210-808-0148
Cell: (210) 454-8485
“Successful people lead with integrity, consistency and are extremely time oriented.”
“No one ever plan to fail, they simply failed to plan” “80% in all you do is contained in 20% of what you do.”
“To Whom Much is Given, Much Will Be Required. To whom much is given, much will be required.” (Luke 12:48).