Riata Realty - Agricultural Acreage - Lot 6 Crescent Ridge Ranch Camp Wood, TX 78833

Linda Koehl, BROKER - Riata Realty

MLS # : F105968 - List Price: $199,500
Contact Linda Koehl, REALTOR® (830) 591-4430

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Beautiful, end of the road property with breathtaking views and plenty of wild game including whitetail deer, axis, and aoudad sheep. There are three blinds and three feeders on the property, and an RV that's parked on the premises could be sold separately. From the gate,it's about a two and a half mile drive to the back of the subdivision where the property is located. The acreage is surrounded by a 600 acre ranch. It's very private, as there is no through traffic at all. Fenced on two sides, and natural landmarks denote the property line for the other two sides.

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  • Apx Acreage: 44.25
  • Terrain: Hilly, Rolling, Wooded
  • County: Real (Crescent Ridge Ranch )
  • Buildings: Other
  • Zoning Code: Agricultural

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